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Category: Questions About E-filing?

IRS Has Delayed Returns Containing Certain Forms

IRS Has Delayed Processing Returns with certain forms.


Please note that this is a nationwide delay which will affect all taxpayers filing these forms. Regardless of tax preparation software, service, or preparer you choose, every return with the below mentioned forms included, will be delayed.


The IRS has announced that they will delay processing of all tax returns containing the following forms, for example:

* Form 5695 - Residential Energy Credits

* Form 8941 - Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premiums

* Form 8910 - Credit for Alternative Motor Vehicles

* Form 8903 - Domestic Production Activities Deduction

* Form 8396 - Mortgage Interest Credit

* Form 8859 - DC First Time Home-buyer

* Form 4562 - Depreciation

* Form 8582 - Passive Activity Loss Limitation


You can, however, electronically file your return (with the forms above) to TaxSlayer at this time. We will securely hold your tax return and send it to the IRS once the delay has been lifted and returns with these forms are allowed for processing.


To view the complete list of currently delayed forms, please click here.