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Category: Refunds

How do I enter my direct deposit or bank account information?

When you have completed the entry of your return information into the program and are ready to e-file, you will start by selecting "Efile" from the navigation bar. As part of the e-file process, you will be able to answer the questions regarding how you want to receive your refund. Refund options include the ability to have your federal and/or state refund(s) deposited into your bank account. If you choose one of these options, you will be prompted to enter the bank name, the routing number, and account number of the account into which you would like to have your refund directly deposited.


Click here for information about the various refund options available through TaxSlayer


**Please note: TaxSlayer does not at any point handle money involved in refunds. Direct deposits are sent from the IRS and/or state agency directly to the bank account that is indicated at the time of e-file. At no point does TaxSlayer receive refunds or participate in the refund process.

Note - If you owe funds to the federal government and/or state agency, you can elect to have your payment withdrawn from your account as well. This is done by also providing the account information you want the funds deducted from, and choosing to have your payment(s) "electronically withdrawn" instead of "mail payment".

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