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Category: W2's

My W-2 has more than 4 states listed

When your W-2 has more than 4 states listed, you must create another instance of your W-2 form.

To do this you will :

*reduce the amount shown on your first W-2 entry by $1

* create a 2nd W-2 with $1 in box 1

* complete the same employer information as you did on the first W-2 entry

* skip down to the bottom of the entry page and enter your additional states listed.


If additional instances are required, you will repeat the same process by reducing the first W-2 by an additional $1 and completing the additional W-2 much like the 2nd instance.


IMPORTANT: Do not re-enter the information reported in boxes 2-14 on any additional instance of your W-2.