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Category: Illinois

Illinois Electronic Filing Information

When you e-file your Illinois return, the Illinois Department of Revenue requires an electronic signature much like the one required by the IRS. Based on your specific situation the criteria for the signature varies. Please make the appropriate selection that best applies to you. To enter your Illinois Signature within your TaxSlayer account, please go into the State Section >> Enter Myself >> E-filing Information.


This is my first time filing an Illinois return or it has been more than three years since the last time I filed an Illinois return

The state of Illinois requires First-time filers or taxpayers who have not filed an Illinois tax return within the last three years to print and mail their Illinois tax return. Complete the preparation of your return and we will give you the opportunity to print the forms for filing. For more information on how to print your return within the TaxSlayer program, please click here.



 I have e-filed less than three years worth of tax returns with Illinois

If this scenario applies to you, Illinois requires that you sign your return with an Illinois Drivers License or State ID. Please make sure that you enter the requested information EXACTLY as it appears on your Drivers License or State ID for the taxpayer and spouse (if applicable). Providing incorrect or missing information will result in a rejected Illinois return.



 I have e-filed at least three years worth of Illinois tax returns in the last four years

If this scenario applies to you, Illinois allows you to sign your return with one of THREE options. These options are: an Illinois Signature PIN, Prior Year AGI or your Illinois Nine Digit Zip Code. Below, you will find additional information on each of these options for signing your Illinois return.

* Illinois Signature PIN

Illinois allows a taxpayer to request an Illinois PIN either via their website or by calling them. To request a PIN from the Illinois Department of Revenue's website, please click here. To request a PIN via telephone, please call 800-732-8866 to obtain your Signature PIN.

* Illinois Prior Year AGI

Your AGI, or Adjusted Gross Income, can be found on your previous year's tax return. When looking at your previous year's return, please locate the Illinois IL-1040. Your Adjusted Gross Income will appear on Line 1 of the 2015 IL-1040.

* Illinois Nine Digit Zip Code

If you choose this option, please list the Nine Digit Zip Code from the most current address on file at the Illinois Department of Revenue. Generally, this will be the address on the last filed return with Illinois. If you have recently moved please make sure you are entering the zip code that they still have on file.