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Category: Education: Tax Breaks Related to School

IRS Has Delayed Processing Returns with Form 8863 (Education Credits - American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits)

The IRS has recently announced they will delay the processing of tax returns that include Form 8863 until mid-February. Form 8863 supports the American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Education Credits.

To view the official IRS announcement, please click here.


Please note that this is a nationwide delay which will affect all taxpayers filing Form 8863. Regardless of tax preparation software, service, or preparer you choose, every return with Form 8863 included, will be delayed.

You can, however, electronically file your return (with Form 8863) to TaxSlayer at this time. We will securely hold your tax return and send it to the IRS once the delay has been lifted and returns with Form 8863 are allowed for processing. Note: Tuition and Fees Deduction as well as Student Loan Interest Deduction have not been affected by this delay.