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Category: Password/Username Issues

What if I forgot the answer to my security question?

You are still able to gain access to your account even if you have forgotten the answer to your security question.


Go to the homepage and click sign in. Once on the account login page select forgot password.


You will be prompted to enter in your username, email address, and the primary social security number on the account, then select continue.


The system will ask you to answer your security question, if you do not know that answer simply click the verify a security code followed by the send code button on the next screen. A code will automatically be transmitted to the email address on your account. Once you retrieve the code from your email account, please enter the Security Code in the space provided, then click "Continue" below. You will be prompted to change the password once you have entered the correct Security Code.


Please note: The code itself is not your new password. You will enter the code back into the TaxSlayer programs forgot password tool and create a new password.